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Original Art by Patricia A Hicks Ruiz
The subject matter in my paintings is usually organic in nature.  I concern myself with rounded, fluid forms which become the vehicle on which to hang veils of intense transparent color.  Fish, flowers, butterflies, tropical birds, underwater and land-based plants all become abstract forms on which the color may be pushed to the highest degree of intensity.
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Runway Walk
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  by  Patricia A. Hicks Ruiz
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Enter Ye at the Red Fish
Shawl Dance - Deleware Quill
Search for the Light
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
Hard Winter
Poisonwood-Butterflies Florida
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Original Art

 in:   Watermedia  -  Transparent Watercolor  -  Pastel  -  Graphite  -  Ink 
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Marine Life Backing Sheet 1
Run Silent
Lifepatterns - Blenny with Seafan
Lifepatterns - Stella Maris Defiles
Never Kid a Kidder
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